Autumn Roofing Maintenance Checklist San Diego County

Autumn Roofing Maintenance Checklist San Diego

Autumn Roofing Maintenance Checklist for San Diego County   Today we celebrate the first day of Autumn in San Diego.  While we don’t get much of the seasonal change as most of the country, it will be a warmed welcome to enjoy some cooler weather for some time.  I am sure our crew will agree with […]

Replace or Repair My Roof?

Should I Replace or Repair My Concrete Tile Roof?

Do you have problems with your tile roof? Many homeowners are under the impression that their tile roof is supposed to last forever. This is not true!   The bucket in this attic is from a 21-year-old roof here in Southern California on a home that was built in 1989. For future reference, we will […]

Why repair the roof when you first see a leak?

The majority of the time when leaks are visible on the inside of the home, the leaks have been ongoing for a while. Many times the leaks start on the outside of the building and they will leak for years before you start to see them inside of the home. By this time there could […]